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Let Us Help You Get this Benefit

At Disability Tax Consultants of Canada, we understand that living with a disability, whether physical or psychological, can be both challenging and costly. We have the professional expertise and experience to manage the approval process and to ensure that your government refund is correct and sent to you in the shortest time frame possible.


There is no better endorsement of a company's service and success than the clients themselves. These are real people and these are their real stories. We hope that you will find these testimonials helpful in making your decision. DTCC is there for you and your family to obtain this important disability benefit.

Wellness Blog

Part of DTCC's mandate is to be a source of information for the disabled and those interested and concerned about the disabled community. To this end, we post on our website various articles, essays and videos of contemporary interest and concern to the community. We invite feedback on anything that we post and we encourage requests for particular issues to be addressed on our blog.

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